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Welcome to the retro-geek World of Kitschstock Creative Studio!

We are a retro-vintage, geek chic & kitsch art studio, based in the UK, specialising in creating mid century, kitsch & vintage style graphic design, photo images & illustrationOur studio works with retail & commercial clients, creating a diverse range of creative solutions for retail development, publishing, packaging, licensing, display/wall art, style guides, marketing & digital.  As well as owning a huge retro-vintage image library for purchase & download, which is also available to those we work with.

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Featured Collections

Editor's Choice - stock Image selection

Hula Girl- retro vintage mid century hawaiian figurine photo illustration - stock image
Vintage Air Travel- retro vintage mid century aviation plane illustration - stock image
Kitsch shirehorse repeat - retro vintage mid century ceramic horse pattern illustration - stock image
Retro Mantel Clock- MCM retro vintage clock photo - stock image
Flying saucers from mars - retro vintage kitsch UFO illustration - stock image
London Look! sixties mantel clock - retro vintage atomic era photo illustration - stock image
Sixties mantel clock - retro vintage atomic era photo illustration
TV dinner meal on gingham background retro vintage photo
TV dinner meal on wood background retro vintage photo
Retro spiral art- kitsch vintage style pattern illustration
Nice nails! - retro vintage mid century manicure beauty salon hand illustration - stock image
Kitchen chic! - MCM plastic containers tea coffee sugar retro vintage advertising - stock image
Computer terminal retro vintage business computing illustration - stock image
Sharp shooter - retro vintage wild west hand gun sidearm art
Mid century genie bottles - MCM glassware vases retro vintage photo illustration - stock image
Going all geometric - retro vintage mid century fifties dotscreen pattern design illustration - stock image
Molecular Einstein - retro vintage e=mc2 atomic illustration - stock image
Festive glass casserole dish - retro vintage pyrex cooking kitchen container photo illustration - stock image
Coffee Pot - retro vintage studio MCM ceramic coffee jug photo - stock image
Vintage computer eighties personal computing illustration
Cuddly Viking - retro vintage collectible wooden toy advert illustration - stock image
Atomic Housewife- retro vintage mid century all-American housewife illustration - stock image
When Bayko Met Ladybird- retro vintage house construction illustration
Typing pool - retro vintage office typewriter photo illustration
TV dinner retro vintage advertising photo illustration
Top cat and tails - retro vintage Victorian kitten photo illustration
Starburst clock photo illustration - stock image
Space age TV - retro vintage futuristic sixties television illustration
Retro eighties personal computing illustration - stock image
Shattaline Lamp kitsch retro photo illustration